My lovely BF and soulmate

by youngatheart46

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Hi im so happy to hear about all your husbands and what great men they are ....
Well i have a fantastic BF.. ive been with him 15 months and in that time we have had alot of things to get through from funerals , weddings etc then in march...i had major spine surgery where it was a bit touch and go as they though i was paralised...he was there every min of day ..and when i came out he was here all time helping me after this op he has been there all time listening, holding me , making me laugh.. doing my housework....etc and he has his own house to look after.... he is a gem.. and compared to my ex husband and ex bf .. he is one in a million .. i have very little money as im disabled and cant work.. he has took me on 2 fabulous holidays and spoils me rotten.... this is dedicated to my wonderful BF Andy who i love dearly xx