Dear Joe

by heal75

This couple year have been very stressful for both.But this last year we have gone thru some very rough days. We having a hard time dealing with my childhood past but yet trying to support me and understand me.And on top of that my serious menstrual cycles that take me in a crazy moodswings.Dealing with it for second time with Endo.Yes you at times not having enough patients and saying some mean things but always taking it all back.You have seen me in lots of pain and just getting worst.Now that we have talk to two Dr.I have finally feel I am ready to do this Hysterectomy.I've had enough of physical pain and emotional pain.I can't take it anymore.Endo has control my life.I am so depressed and exausted of this pain.I am tired of not enjoying my intimate time with you.I want my life back and enjoy life with you and my two boys.I appreciate that you take time to be there to support me.I know you are very bussy with work.Now we are getting ready for this surgery and I feel nervous and not knowing how it wil be after.But I know you are there for me My Superman.