Dear Gav....

by Jennig

When you met me I promised you a life of health happiness and I promised you to be a woman. I don't feel like I have lived up to this and not once have you made me feel substandard about it.

I lost my breasts and you told me I looked terrifc and smiled despite me knowing you are a breast kinda guy.

I lost my womb, my ovaries, the last part of me that I felt was keeping me a woman, and you tell me how beautiful I look even though like a round beach ball.

You have stood by me even though we haven't been able to be sexual for a couple of years becase of treatments, surgeries etc. And there is no promise that it will get better but I promise that I will always try.

I love you... and with out you life wouldn't make sense.

I didn't just marry the one I loved I married my best friend.

I know its hard for you to show me emotion, and I know you dont cry.... I know that when you ask me for dinner your not doing it to be horrible but thinking that I can't do something makes you sad.

I love you xx