To the man who holds my heart and soul

by rednexgrl

To the man I met almost three years ago, who has stood by me, held me, helped me, listened to my thoughts and fears, and definatley wiped away my tears. The inspiration you have given me, is more than I could ever tell you. I know you don't know how amazing you are and how I feel I don't deserve a man like you. You know I am a work in progress and throw this hysterectomy into the mess wow. I know you know I really wanted to have a baby with you, but god always has a plan and not always what you want. I want you to know everyday I spend with you is a day in the warm light, sun shining down on me(no matter how cold it is) Honey you totally amaze me. Baby I love you, now forever and always and remember I believe in a thing called love, I sure do now.
Love you