To the Bandit

by kraizyangel

Over the last 4 years we have not always gotten along, and there have been sometimes when i thought you didnt even love me. Since we found out in January I was having this surgery i've watched you change.... you have become closer and a lot more open to my thoughts and ideas. You even tell me you love more often. After my surgery you stepped up even further and passed up a lot of things so you could stay home and help me out around the house. I have appreciated everything you have done for me and I am so glad that we are becoming closer as we climb this hill together. I am very emotionally unstable right now if you haven't noticed by my constant crying and outburts of how i feel fat and ugly and nothing but a big scar. So please just continue to be understanding and tell me im beautiful and sexy, cause it really is helping me feel so much better about myself and about us. OUr anniversary is just 2 weeks away, and i feel discouraged that we cant be sexually active, but im also very confident that we are learning to be more intimate in so many other ways, that the night will still be as wonderful if not better. I love you very much and i am so glad God put you in my life when he did.