Jim Dear

by kass1975

Hey Babe -

Thank you so much for everything you've done these past few weeks. It's been rough for both of us and your patience is amazing. Even when you do bonehead things and I get mad at you for like messing up my kitchen and making me go crazy I'm thankful for you being here. Thank you for taking the time off to be with me and helping me with literally everything. I have felt very helpless and guilty watching you do everything here and me calling you for every little thing. My emotions are all over the place and I appreciate your understanding and support.

God knew what he was doing when he brought us together. I just want you to know how very much I love you. I appreciate the man you are. You are my husband, my support, my rock, my lover, my best friend. I would not be complete without you. God has truly blessed me beyond measure with you.

Only thing....Please stop buying me all the cookies and goodies that I can't resist...I need to get rid of this swelly belly and I'm sure all that isn't helping.

I love you so much