For my handsome man

by bearysher75

Dear George,
I am not always at my best. I feel tired more often and grouchy when I forget to take my pills. I know that we were brought together by fate. Your the only one that understands the heartache of not having children. Seeing that you were unable too. Thank you for taking care of me through the surgery 4 years ago. And today when I still get teary eyed when I see a new baby or children laughing at the Walmart. TY also for telling family when I am not in the mood for their comments about why i haven't gotten over it yet. Plus being very gentle when it comes to the most private places in our life. Especially when maybe I don't have the same reactions I did. Your my best bud. And without you I don't know how I would have handled this change of life. I love you lots handsome. And there is nobody I know that understands me the way you do. I am blessed. Your sherbear