My Husband

by sistersara27

My dear husband,

These past few days I appreciate all the support and love you have shown. I love you so much and even though you may thihk that I am okay now, I still have healing to do that I dont think you fully understand.
I am sorry that I cant do everything that I used to and it bothers you, but I cant.
It is really starting to bother me now that when I need sleep you gripe at me about it.
I was cut open and had all of my female organs ripped out of my vagina, so please dont think that I am just going to wake up feeling chipper and happy and have no pain just because it is 7 days after the surgery.
The fighting with you about all of this is just exhausting me more and making my healing process slower.
I love you so much and I can only pray that you will be understanding a little longer for me.

all My love
Your wife