To My Beloved

by MissRowena

I am so glad that we became reacquainted again 6 years ago. I remember seeing you again at social functions - it was really neat that we have mutual friends. If it weren't for them, we would not have become reacquainted. But it was you that saved me from the bitter cold in 2007 when my furnace broke down. I remember opening the door and seeing you there with toolbelt slung over your shoulder and this look in your eyes as if you were about to cry because the furnace had been dead for 6 days at that point during the coldest winter in Western Washington. When we became reacquainted again, I had the biggest crush on you. Maybe it was your beautiful big blue eyes and dimples when you smiled. Or, maybe it was because your height made me feel like a little girl in your arms when we hugged.

I am proud of us, how far we have come, as we journeyed together as a couple. In my past relationships, I never felt this kind of love for anyone. And, each day, I am thankful for You. We have taken care of each other during illnesses and surgeries. We have taken care of each other even in the best of times. It is those tender moments when you do even just the smallest things, that makes me feel like I am spoiled rotten.

I love it when you brush my long hair at night and braid it for me. I love it when we curl up on the sofa and watch television together and you paint my toenails for me. Yes, all of those little things that may seem so minuscule to you are actually big things to me- because every little thing you do makes me smile. I love those late night jump in the car while still in our jammies ice cream runs to Sonic or Dairy Queen, with the stereo blasting rock music loudly. All of the diamonds and pearls in the world cannot compare to those little tender moments.

You never complained and had always been so giving of yourself during my last two surgeries. At my absolute worst, you have always been there beside me to be my comfort and reassurance that "this too shall pass". At my absolute best, you have always been there beside me to share in my happiness. And, I hope that you feel the same way too. I hope that I give you as much love and devotion as you give me. I have a sneaking suspicion that I do, because every Friday night is Spaghetti with Clams night and you always get that blushing glow upon your cheeks as you savor every bite. And for the other 6 days a week, you are happy to come home to a totally home-cooked meal that didn't come out of a package. Even if I just cannot cook one day, or have decided that the chef is taking the night off, you gladly bring home something, even if it is just a nice crusty loaf of artisan bread, cheese, salad and fruit.

You are the most compassionate man I have ever loved besides my own father (but not in an incestuous manner). And, this is why I thank you and honor you daily. Life has been a struggle for me the past few years. You have been so supportive and helped me to keep my emotions from all of the stress from driving me to the verge of insanity. You remind me that I do have my own strengths, but it is okay to need a nudge to stand back up again and fight harder when I have wanted to roll over and quit.

I have needed you all of my life; a person that has the ability to love unconditionally and will accept love unconditionally in return.