To my Hubby Tim

by georgialdy

Dear Tim:

In the time leading up to my hysterectomy last week, I was very scared of what would happen. You knew the last person i was with when I last had surgery did not take care of me after. And as we both came to find out recently spent the little time he was at the hospital during the surgery, telling my parents all the things wrong with me and our relationship. So I was very scared to trust anyone else.

But you have(as you always have in the 2 short years we have known each other) proved my fears unfounded. You have been taking such good care of me that i can never ever thank you enough. I guess the part of our vows "in sickness and in health" really is fitting for both of us, since we are medical messes LOL.

Thank you forever and ever for loving me and taking care of me just like you promised.

Your Loving Wife,