My 18th anniversary, love of my Life.

by Anncal63

Dear John P. , we have been Best Friends for 20 someodd years and are fixing to celebrate our 18th anniversary together. I know you have been with me through all of my surgeries and I couldn't love you more.! We have lost some passion in the physical department and it makes me feel sad, depressed and sometimes very lonely. You are a wonderful spouse and father but I feel something is missing. Maybe it is the weight (50 lbs.) or its the menopause or the mood swings or the lack of self confidence I feel . I don't know, but I beat myself up everyday and exercise and take my depression meds. and cook, clean and everything I can think of to keep you happy. I wish I could say these things face to face without me feeling like i am making you feel quilty. Please hold me or show me sometimes that this isn't my fault and that things can grow better and stronger for us. To my best friend I Love You more today than ever before, but I want my husband back too! Thank you for this site i feel better already just knowing maybe my DH will read this and think about it from my point of view.

Love You Alway and Forever,