Dear Bob

by 2young2

I truly appreciate all the work that you do and how you take care of me and the family. You do all the 'man' things, like a good husband. Take out the trash, support the boys in whatever endeavors they pursue, manage the finances etc.
However, I have to say a little sensitivity and romance would be nice during this very difficult time in my life. I understood when you brought your laptop to the hospital. Why would you sit around or pace the halls like the other worried husbands, when you could get some work done and occupy your mind. Okay, maybe you were as stressed out as I was? It felt to me like you were a bit distracted though and I have to tell you that hurt.
When I woke up in recovery a dear friend was there with a little stuffed animal and that was really nice of her. Then when we got home there was the get well card from your mother and the flowers and balloon from work. All this made me feel like I was really cared about.
I appreciate how you go to your studio and allow me so much quiet time to rest and heal. I do wish however that it would have been YOU to bring me a flower, a card, a stuffed dog. I do wish you came in to check on me every once in awhile to make sure I had anything I needed.
I appreciate that you offered to make me lunch, but am still angry with you for yelling at me because I said I didn't care if it was on toast or not!
If you want to do a nice thing and make me a sandwich-just do it! You don't have to ask and I am in no mood for making decisions about such small matters. I love you. I appreciate any small thing that you do for me. I will eat whatever you put in front of me as my appetite isn't back to normal yet anyway.
It's not too late. Maybe you could draw me a bath and light a scented candle-now that I have the all clear for a bath. Maybe you could pick me up a funny card or a small trinket the next time you run into town. Maybe you could prepare a romantic dinner for just the two of us. Buy me a gift certificate to the salon- so I can feel feminine again.
There are so many ways you could show me the support and love I need right now. Please open your eyes!