To My Amazing Husband Brian

by wisesagicap

To My Friend, My Lover, The Man I am Blessed to Call My Husband

November 15, 2009 marked our one-year Anniversary and I can't believe how far we have come in two and a half years this February morning. Today marks five weeks plus one day since my surgery and I am blessed to have you.

I asked you at the "getting to know you" phase if you had big shoulders because I knew you were going to need them. What I didn't know is that I would add a hysterectomy to the heap of sorrows we have lovingly survived thus far.

Last Saturday night I came home in week two type pain and you were the most AMAZING man I know you to be. I had tucked myself into my second bed known as the loveseat and pain pill chased down. I cried out for help in the form of another blanket I was so cold. You came running and tucked me in tighter with my fleece blanket. You comforted me like you do in those shining moments when I have needed you.

To top it off, when we were turning in for the night, I told you I didn't want to sleep out in the living room alone and you helped me up and to our bed. With your uncanny sense of knowing me, you brought blankets in tow and made sure that I was tucked in. You moved me to tears with your tenderness, and as I write this, the tears come to the surface.

YOU are a blessing in my life. You love me like no other has loved me and thank you for winding me up and letting me go when I need to. I am forever grateful for the cosmic design committee bring you to me. Know that you are loved. Know that you are appreciated, and know that I am me because of you. We are an US and it is nothing shy of amazing.

I love you husband.

Your Wife,