Fantastic Mr B

by dizzyb23

Hi Mr B
Maybe you'll read this one day. Hope so.
Firstly, I really need to say sorry for a few years of hassle. Since we got married, there does seem to have been quite a bit of it but mainly my health has been the worst part. It hasn't been good. First came the colitis and now my female plumbing has gone haywire. I truly am sorry and i'm doing everything I possibly can to bring it to a conclusion.

Secondly, I must say how much I love you. How much have you put up with since 2005? And you are only human. Though you put on a face of coping and compassion, you really must get fed up with it all. But you keep going, keep on giving me so much support and love regardless of how you are actually feeling.

So, as soon as i've recovered from the op we will go on the best holiday ever. I'll make sure you have the best time possible as you really do deserve a rest. And a tan!!! Ha Ha Ha

I'm thankful everyday for the fact that I am with you. And i'm the luckiest person alive as I have your love too.

Thanks for everything Mr B