to my best friend

by Joyfulme

Dear husband

I have so much to be thankful for, I am thankful that God is so real in our life, I am glad we are both Christians.

The morning I was operated on you were there, our dd and youngest grandson was there. You set in my room all day long watching me drift in and out of sleep. Once I woke and looked over at you and you were sitting there praying. I will have that memory forever. Thank you for being a praying man.

When the dr. released me you drove me home and took care of me for days just like the dr. said that you should, you cooked, and cleaned and washed clothes. You cleaned my tummy where the laroscopy cuts was at. You dried my legs because the dr. said I should not bend over.

You are my best friend and I really appreciate you.

We have been married 33 yrs. And I am thnkful that we are togeather and our love is stronger than ever.