Thanksgiving blessings: supportive men

by Annalee1960

This thanksgiving, I am most grateful to our mother/father God for the very special man in my life. After wearing myself thin taking care of elderly parents, God sent me a very special man who is now taking care of me. Being taken care of by a man is something that is new to me. Mother/father God, I am full of gratitude for this wonderful gift of a man. Even though I haven't had surgery yet, my special man has never hesitated-- as soon as I was diagnosed, he stepped up to the plate to take care of me. I have never felt so cared for. If I cry, he holds me. If I don't feel well, he is willing to cancel plans in order to stay home and take care of me. If he hurts me during sex, he backs off and is willing to just snuggle. He remembers my comfort foods. And he remembers the things I don't like. He is willing to put my needs first when I don't feel well. He continues to exceed my expectations and anticipate my needs in a way that leaves me speechless with gratitude. From the very first, he has treated me the way I've always wanted a man to treat me. This is another gift my man has given me that I've never experienced:what its like to be treated like a princess.
I've never felt so cherished, so special. Thank you mother/father God for this man who touches me deeper and in more ways than any other man ever has. He is nurturing. He is compassionate. He is caring. He is kind. And yet he is wounded. He is stronger than he knows. Mother/father god let me respect his need to heal his own wounds at his own pace and in his own way. Let him come to recognize his own inner strength. Please, mother/father God, in his time of need, let me take care of him as well as he takes care of me. Let me be as good a partner to him as he is to me.Mother/father god, give me the wisdom to know when he needs space and when he needs comfort. Mother/father God, give me the courage to be there for him in the troubling times as well as the joyous times. Mother/father God, give me the strength to stand by him even when I feel I have no strength left. Mother/father god, on this Thanksgiving Day, I am eternally grateful for this blessed man you have sent me in my time of need.