by DeniseOfPA

This past year has been really rough for us, especially the past month and a half.

I want you to know I thank God for you. You have gone above and beyond "in sickness and in health" this past month or so. I have never felt so cherished and loved.

I do not know what we will have to go through yet with my illness but I just wanted you to know I appreciated everything you have done for me. You have been my anchor. These past months have been a growing time for the two of us as we passed another level in our relationship...... a new level of intimacy has formed as we have shared joys and tears.

I am oing to fight this for you and the kids because I want to spend our golden years together still fighting over whether the fan should be blowing on us in bed..... in the middle of winter.

You have made me laugh so much lately and I know we both needed that release to get us through this. Thank you for literally taking care of so many menial tasks that I know some husbands would back away from. Thank you for being my Spiritual leader as we pray every night together. Thank you for listening to my need to get out of the house.

I love you and I love you for trying so hard to keep up with everything. Thank you for your love and devotion! In almost two years we will be celebrating twenty years of marriage. With your to help me through this, I plan on being there when we plan to renew our wedding vows. SHMILY!