3 days away

by jeaninurs

Dear Honey, (Roger)

3 more days to go. Sorry I've been so crazy, just scared, nervous, fearful of the unknown. I know you'll be there for me though, you always are and always have been. Iwon't be to much of a bother, just make sure I have these few things... lg. glass of 1/2 spring water and grapefruit juice, try to keep the kids quiet the first weekend, hang out with me, be patient.

I love you, I'm going to miss cuddling for a few weeks. Be carefull with your hand. Don't start doing too much around the house. Just knowing you'll be there helps me . I'll try to get things in order for you before Thursday. Maybe we should get you some easy foods to heat up so you have no dishes.

Can't wait till this is over babe, and we can get back to normal.

Love, your Wife