As You Wish

by Buzylady


I know it's been scary these past few weeks and while you've felt helpless I want you to know that your support and the little things have made such a big difference--I couldn't do this without you. Okay, I might be able to but it wouldn't be as easy. You've been mom and dad, chauffeur, chef, worker, laundrette, maid and more. Bet you didn't think about this when you vowed for "in sickness and in health".

I was thinking of our first date and watching the Princess Bride and Wesley with "As you wish". I can't help but think of you. I only need to ask and you help, bring me food, walk down the street and massage my scalp when you wash. We still have several weeks to get through the big part and then I can get back to being your partner in this thing called life.

Until then I wanted to say that I love you and ask you to bear with me a bit longer.

Right now you are my main link to the outside world. You are my sounding board and my lifeline. I know the weepy spells make you feel helpless and I try to not do it, but want you to understand that there is something you can do. A simple hug and I love you can help dry those tears (or at least make sure they are happy ones).

I also know that the fear over healing correctly overwhelms both of us. Please talk to me and let me talk to you. We've been in this thing together and I want this new chapter of our lives to only enhance our relationship and draw us closer. We've been able to talk before so please keep those lines of communication open. I need that so much right now.

I love you.
Your buttercup