Still Luke and Laura

by midnitemoon

My wonderful Jeff, God only knows what I'd be without you.You have stood by me through so much,so many men would have left me long ago. You have been my sweetest friend,soulmate,uncondtionally. You were the best decision that I ever made.People said it wouldn't last,because I was only 19,but here we are 28 years later,even more in love.The surgery sent me into an emotional Hell,but I think I will emerge from it,and get our relationship,our intimacy,back again.Do you really know how I adore you,I light up when you walk in the room?Remember when people called us "Luke and Laura",because you looked just like Anthony Geary?"Well,"Luke","Laura" is still crazy about you,and a little "just plain crazy"besides... If I were to die today,the one thing people would say about me would be"She was truly loved.That is because of you!Just being with you is fun,we dont have to do anything special.You are so unselfish,humorous,sexy,hardworking sensitive..I really hit the jackpot.Your love for Christ has carried us through so many storms.I want to be your beautiful woman and lover again.You still hold my hand when we are out walking,call me "Gypsy Eyes",gaze lovingly at me.People probably think"newlyweds?",nah,at their age?They are having an affair!"I want to have an affair,with you ,my love.An affair that will last for the rest of our lives.I will go to my grave loving you,only you...Midenitemoon