by Chikky

To my wonderful boyfriend of 15 years,
we met when we were 15 and 15yrs later i was diagnosed with cancer and underwent a hysterectomy. you have been brilliant and i couldnt have asked for any more. when people around me were whispering behind my back that you would leave me to find someone who could have children you told me that they were all wrong - that i was even more special now because you almost lost me, i will never forget how kind your words were, they mean so much. im so sorry i can never carry your child, i would have loved to do that, but i know you dont blame me.
we are getting married in dec and i just hope i can make you as happy as you make me. we underwent ivf after my treatment and we now have two embryos succesfully fertilised, i hope we can find a surogate to carry them for us one day, you never know, with medical advances i may even be able to carry them myself in an ideal future, i can hope. i love you, Chikky xxxx