Back Off, Okay??

by smkelmer

Okay, I know we haven't had sex in three months. I'm well aware of this fact, and I can point to the exact day on the calendar when we were last intimate. Two or three weeks after that date, I started bleeding and didn't stop until my urgent hysterectomy six weeks plus after that. It's only been just shy of three weeks since my hysterectomy. Just because it was laparoscopic and I'm up and moving around and doing what I normally do doesn't mean I want to hear you ask me EVERY DAY when the five week waiting period is up.

YOU didn't want sex before I got sick, but you want it now when we can't have it?? Give me a break!! Stop pestering me and go look at the calendar yourself and you'll know when we can try it.

I'm as anxious as you to find out if my parts still work, especially since they had to take my cervix and I didn't want to lose my cervix. I'm worried about never having an orgasm again, and you can't wait to get in there and fish around. Thanks, but I don't need that kind of pressure!!

Back off. Leave me to heal. This does not mean I don't love you. It means I had to make a life-changing decision that I didn't want to have to make, and I'm still healing emotionally and physically and I NEED MY SPACE. Hell, I can't even cry about this in front of you because you get upset. It's MY body, it was MY uterus, I'm allowed to grieve. Get over it and let me have my time.