To my family...

by Sioarhi

I am on a new medication this month. It made me tired, and nausiated and only kindof stopped the bleeding (for 6 days).
Now I am on the white pills, day 2 of the worst period that I have ever had. The dr. says that it is because the high doses of hormones I am going to bleed alot, but that I shouldn't just stay on the pink pills all the time because the build up of endo will be 'extreem'.
Anyway. I feel horible. Why don't some of you clean the kitchen and do the laundry and cook?
I don't want to stand up. I don't want to walk arround.
I have a head ache, my joints ache, I feel like throwing up, and I keep getting the shakes.
You all take over, my surgery is in a month and a half.
Right now I need some time off.