To my Baby Love

by Carmelhoney9709

You know what is in my heart for you but, I have to put in to writing what it means to me to have you head our family.

Others may say that you take orders from me and I seem to run things cause you're not the wayward type that doesn't have priorities.
I know what kind of man you are. You keep the house. You aren't running around on me. making me wonder if i'm good enough for you or pretty enough or young enough.
You are here as a father to our children. They know you're always here even when they call you mommy by mistake. They mean it in the highest respect.
Since i've been going through this, they have had to call you when mommy has been too tired, wired, pain-stricken, depressed, moody, forgetful, and some.

Look its Garfield smile you know you want to.

It is because you are a real man that our I am able to lean on you to stablize me, to keep our family strong, which keeps our church and community strong, which makes our nation strong, and affects the whole world with the values of denying one's self for the greater good. THAT is what you do everyday baby.
Love you KB.
Your honeyBabe.