My Darling Bryan...

by harvestsparkle

"Every road that I've been down, the only truth that I have found, there's only on thing I can't live without...YOU." - Rascal Flatts

I'm just as surprised to be writing this as you may be to read it, and that I put our song (even though it is country - yikes!) in this note. Yes, I actually went to an online site and I'm really digging it! I am a hystersister!

Thank you, I love you, and YOU ARE AMAZING do not even begin to articulate how I feel about you. You have been with me through cancer diagnosis and other medical issues...and now through this which effects us and our future. I am so sorry that I can not have our children. I am so sad about it. I'm trying to be brave, I know we both are. As I said before this is totally uncharted territory for us. I know that we will be fine, and I know that there is no way that I could get through this without your amazing support.

If you read the other letters in this forum you'll hear all the other things I can't express right now. It is raw, it is real. We are not alone in this. I know that we are only 28 but we are not alone. God created you perfectly for be strong enough to carry us through this time. To tell me I am beautiful especially on the days I feel awful is the greatest gift - and the crazy thing is I know you mean it! I hope and pray that I can be your support as well.

I look forward to seeing you for our date on Saturday night...and we'll take next week one day at a time!

Ya tebya lylblyu! I adore you - love, your Lala!