For My Honey Bunny

by yukifriskee

Hi! Honey Bunny! I just wanted to take a few moments and write to you on this wonderful website WE found and WE have come to in times of questions!


Secondly, I wanted to say" THANK YOU" for giving me your total support through this interesting time in our lives. I know you tell me that you don't "need" to be thanked, however , I feel that you do!! I don't ever want you to think I take you for granted ever! Sometimes, in our hectic lives it may seem that way, I want you to know that has changed. I hope you can see that since my ssurgery I have changed for the better. I'm looking at a lot of situations in our lives differentlyand trying to be more relaxed and verbal about those situations. I'm trying to take a step back and think about what I'm going to say before I say or do anything.

You have been my rock and support when I needed to lean on you. You have been my arms of strength when I needed your help getting in and out of bed, car, chair and showers, also when I needed to cry about not being able to be intimate with you. You have been my hands when I needed help to bathe and shave my legs(you did a great job). You have been my hero for just you being you!

I realized through this surgery and after 16 years of marriage,happy for the most post, we've had our moments, what type of man YOU REALLY ARE! You are an amazing person to be with and I love the way you ALWAYS know how I feel and what I need without being verbal. You just know. You are amazing, beautiful eyes, cuddly, dashing, exciting and erotic, forgiving, gracious, honest with me even when I don't want to hear it, intriging, jokster, kind, loving, my best friend, never mean, outrageous, perfect for me, quiet when I need to vent, romantic, sexy, trusting, unconditional love, very much a procrastinater(can't be totally perfect,lol,witty, x-citing(hey, I needed an x word) young at heart, and zealous. Most important of all you ARE there when I need you.

You hold me tight just so I feel safe, and I do every time I'm in your arms. Honey, you told me something during my post-op and I will never forget it and what it meant to me. You told me that when we make love for the "first time" you would be more nervous than I would . You also told me that you would have watied during my 7 weeks of post-op for ANY TYPE OF PLEASURE FROM ME. Yes, I was shocked when you said those 2 statements to me, yet you made fall in love with you all over again , because you value our intimacy as much as I do and from the bottom of my heart I THANK YOU AND LOVE YOU!

I've known you now for 32 of my 38 years and I am really and truly blessed that you are not only my husband YOU ARE my best friend, lover, partner and my one and only soul mate. My mom knew what she was doing when she invited you to that pig roast Sept. 13, 1990 and I will always be grateful to her for you.

Honey, just alsways know you are ALWAYS in my heart, thoughts and remember " EVERYTHING I DO, I DO FOR YOU!!"

Love, Your Wife, Best Friend, Lover and Partner forever