For my personal Malboro man

by jesi7

Hey Baby,

I can't say enough to express how incredible you have been. I know it has been driving you insane that things are not getting done as they should, and that it has been very trying on everyone that for yet another winter break I am unable to do much of anything. There really better not be anything next year. I don't think I could handle that, but I know even if there is you will always be there for me.
You are always there when I need you , even if it's just me being a BIG BABY, or stressing because I can't coerse the monsters to help out at all. Sorry about that.
Thank you, for making this decision for me,(knowing I would wimp out)for the laptop to keep me busy while I am being useless and for dealing with my stressed out nutty behavior pre op.
Thank you, for being there for me at the hospital, taking the numerous middle of the night phone calls because I couldn't have more painkillers yet, and while I was driving the nurses nuts wanting to go home. Thank you for taking me down for a smoke, pacing the halls with me and helping out with that first (and many after) shower.
Thank you, for understanding that even though I don't look horrible that sometimes I feel worse. Thank you, for caring and worrying, even though the worrying makes me a little nuts.
I know this comes no where close to how much you have done for us, but I wanted you to know that I love you sooo very much and am thankful you were here for me during the latest roller coaster ride.
I will have to go find the tissues, having yet another waterfall moment.

Love Always,

Your Babybear