To my heart (mentions children)

by Trixi1972

To the child of my heart.

Though I may never see you
I will visit everyday

I will keep you with me always
No matter what they took away

I will gain in the knowledge that you will never know pain
I will warm you with my love and dance with you in the rain

You will be with me forever no matter what they say
I have born you in my heart and that is where you'll stay

You will never suffer. no fear or forced away
For every day I am here for you I will pray

One day when I go, you will follow me
I will take you to heaven
and a joyful day that will be

I will gaze in your eyes and know you right away
for my heart has pictured you exactly that way

So until that day arrives, I will keep you in my heart
and hope for the time that we will never part