My Leanna

by t1kuma

I dont think i will ever be able to tell you how much i love you. i had said once that you were the center of my world, and you said that you couldnt be, that God had to be. i know this now. maybe that is why all of this has happened. not to say that God 'did' this - but, maybe that was the lesson i needed to learn - to put God first.

God himself, knows how much i love you. after all, baby, if it wasnt for you, i wouldnt have been able to open my heart to His love at all.

He will help us through this hard time - with you being away from me - with you healing in the hospital wanting to help me..... we will be stronger after this - so weeping is allowed.

you have healed so many wounds in my soul - you have made me comfortable to finally be ME. and to think that you love that ME that i am..... that melted any last pieces of ice that i had in my heart.

in life i used to think in terms of 'someday'. 'someday' i will do this, or 'someday' this will happen.
with you - every moment is sweeter than all the 'somedays' combined.
so i will not try to spend my life showing you how much i love you, hoping that 'someday' you will understand.
i will spend every moment loving you for the now - not the someday.

Every Moment Baboo
i love you
To Infinity and Beyond.
you are my Soulmate
and my better half
you comfort me and nibble at me to check on me
just like those Rats in the Crawlspace.
i love you so much.