From your "Pritty Princess"

by Gaylah

Anthony My love, My soulmate, My BFF, My husband...

I know that I tell you constantly how wonderful of a man you have grown to be but somehow that seems to not be enough. I want the world to know!

In the past 7 years you have been by my side through it all, broken back, getting diagnosed with Diabetes, Sun allergies, everything. You have been the most awesome man and father any woman could ask for.

Then before I went in for this hysterectomy I had written letters to everyone (just in case) and the only one whom I had the most trouble with was yours and our DS's.

I remember waking up in my room all alone and tearfully thanking God that everything went well and those letters never needed read, deleting them felt good to my soul too!

But through these past two weeks I have never felt so much like royalty. You took a week off work, set up our room with my PC and a TV so I had things to keep me busy when I came home and it has been so helpful! You have even changed our DS around to want to help more in the house which I am forever grateful

When you had to help with cleaning the incision - I was so proud, you got over your fear of Feminine Hygene products and did it for the good of my care and even was able to joke about it.

I could have never asked for a better partner to go through life with - Though I know its hard now to not hear me laugh, I know soon enough we will once again be in the guffaws of laughter, wiping our eyes and enjoying our new freedom once I am healed up.

I love you Tony, I am thankful that I found my one true love and that you are here for me. I am blessed, grateful and lucky to be a princess in your eyes at all times not just now. (Thanks for the RL crown too babe!)

Your devoted wife forever,