Honey ...

by blue-moon rose

To My Prince,

I am not even sure where to begin with my thoughts to you. You are amazing! You are my best friend, my lover, my confidentant. You are my strength when I have none, my safe place, and always have a shoulder to cry on available.

I was so blessed the day that God brought you into my life. My life was so empty and I was searching for something. For that unending, unconditional love that has always alluded me somehow. Your heart spoke to me from the moment I saw you. The way you went out of your way to be there for others regardless of what it cost you drew me even closer to you.

The day that I married you, I became a princess. You saw to that. My every wish you did your best to fulfill. You worked late hours for little pay, you dealth with high-risk pregnancies and baby hours while holding down a job so I could stay home with our children.

Now this! We have no family support. It has always been me and you against the world. How we get through is only by blessings from above and by His grace.

However, your love and support make all the difference!! I know that I am not the easiest person to live with ... especially if I am being moody but you never seem to notice.

Lately, you have been mother, father, and nurse. You have worked full time, dealt with missing sitters, played chef, chauffer, maid, and teacher. You have slept only a few hours a night yet some how keep going! Thank you!

Despite all of those wonderful things ... that's not what has meant the most. The best thing that you have done for me is to reassure me that I am not a failure as a woman or a wife. That I am still a woman with just a little less parts.

Your attention, your time, cuddling with me, the extra hugs and kisses. The sexual indenuedos. The touching and the comments -- have meant the world to me. They reassure me when nothing else has that I am still attractive to you. That you still want me, that you still need me. These things above all else have helped me through my recovery.

You always seem to know what I need even when I don't. When I couldn't make a decision regarding the surgery - you did it for me. Thank you for taking the burden away from me when I couldn't handle it.

Thanks for the tiara, the flowers, the cards. For cuddling with me and watching all the girl movies you hate to watch. Thanks for the back massages and surprises. Thanks for your love and support.

And thanks for not making things to perfect... I needed to know that I serve a purpose here. Yes, for once in my life, I praise God for disconnect notices, piles of junk mail, dust, and other things. It shows me where my place is in your life. I handle the details ... you handle the general issues. We make a great team, you and I.

I love you more than words can every express!!! Thanks again... you are my very own prince charming!

Your Loving Bride,
Your Princess