To my Prince, from your Princess

by dolphin1173


Since the day we met, we have been together. Sure we may have been miles apart while you were finishing your degree and I was off playing Army , but we were always together in our s. You stood by me while I continued to go through my horendous (sp?) divorce... sometimes it felt like it would never end. For the past couple of years we have been planning on having a child together. Granted, you have always treated my two boys as your own, just as they treat you like their real dad! But I had so wanted to give you your own child. I know you know what I mean. And now, being only a few days away from my surgery, I have to admit to myself that it will never happen, that day will never come.

Not once have you ever been upset with me or disappointed in my not being able to give you a child. You amaze me. Your only concern is for my health and well being. I can see that you are scared too, but I can also see how you try to show your strong side to be there for me. I'm sure it will hit you hard while you are waiting for my surgery to be complete! I could never have gone through this without you! You are my true love. I had thought I was in love in the past, but NOTHING compares to how you make me feel and how I feel about you!

I never believed in fate... until the day you and I met. I was going through a divorce, you were focusing on finishing your AA degree. We just happened to meet, seemingly by chance. However, I feel it was fate... God led me to you, just as he led you to me! We were meant for each other. I will stand by you forever, just as you have stood by me. I LVE YOU!

Happy Father's Day My Love,

Your forever loving wife,
Desiree [/FONT]