Now it's my turn

by srw78

Dearest Husband,

I can't even begin to count the time you have made the comment that you have supported me, but have you?

We have been married for 9 1/2 years and more than 6 of thoose years your were a Marine. I tended to the children, washed and pressed your uniforms, paid the bills. cleaned the house, packed your sea bags, shined your boots and stowed your gear. What was it that you did?

I made dinner, did the shopping, potty trained and bathed the children, where were you?

Our youngest childknew nothing of you until he was 2, because you volunteered for a deployment.

I am not complaining, not at all. I cherish the memories with or without you. I have supported you from day one, even when you told me not to wait for you when you wnet to boot camp. I love you, always have always will.

Now it's my turn to get support. I just made the most difficult decission of my life. I did it for you, you didn't want anymore children - now that will never be an issue. All I want is support. Be there so I can cry, help me with out complaining. Hug me, kiss me like you used to.

Also, can you try to clean up a little bit - I bet you never knew that I actually did tat much crap around the house until you had to do it all.

I will continue to support you, I married a Marine after all. Can you support me?

With Love,