Sweet Kevin

by smokie

Dear sweet Kevin,
It is one week away from "the day" that will hopefully change my life, our life, for the better. You have been amazing as you have stuck by my side through all the various female problems I've experienced over the past eight years. You have been sensitive, caring, supportive, and helpful. Thank you for that. I love the way you blow on my back and neck when I'm having one of my hot flashes in the middle of the night! That is so sweet. I love the way you pray for me, and let me know that you have me in your thoughts. I love the way you support me. I appreciate the way you have understood about sex, and how it hurts, and have been willing to be creative about it! I hope so much that this surgery will make the hurt go away so I can be intimate with you the way I want to be.
Thank you for taking off work to be with me, and whispering in my ear that you will be the best husband ever during this proceedure! You are truly the kindest man on earth. I love you darling.