To my sweetie

by lulu69

I am so blessed to have you in my life. You came at a time when I thought I would never know what is like to love again.

My friends tell me that I have to tell you about the surgery but I am scared to death. I have gone over it my mind several times but when I went to visit you over easter I could not bring myself to tell you. You will be back at the end of this week and the weekend stay at your place is planned and I am so looking forward to being with you. I have missed your touch and warmth of you next to me.

I plan on telling you this weekend because of the trip you want us to take in June (when the surgery is scheduled). I wonder how you will take it? Will it be to much personal information for you? We have only been seeing each other for 5 months and I not sure how much is to much.

I know I over analyze things and I am a natural born worry wart but I wish I could look in the future and see your reaction - that way I could figure out the wording and how to tell you. Maybe this is my dry run - maybe these are the words I was meant to use.

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and everything a woman could want in a man. Kind, giving, gentle and so romantic - everything I have never had in a relationship. I miss you and can't wait for your return.