You are my hero, AKC!

by hothyssiefit

Almost 13 years ago we met and knew we had a connection. We were too young though and had much to learn about ourselves and the world. We remained friends, and your family adopted me as a daughter.

I have told you so many times that God had a plan for each of us. He knew we would not be able to have children together. He took us apart so that you could bring the joy of our hearts to our relationship later on.

You have been my hero through this all. There is no way I could have made it through the decision making process, the waiting period, the surgery, and now the healing. You are my strength, my rock. I am amazed at how you have taken up my "duties" as well as your own and still cared for me and our precious girl. You're an amazing man!

You are my king. I cannot wait to officially be the queen. I loved you then, I've loved you since, and I'll love your for always.