My Darling Boo

by boosbabe

When we first met,I was only 1 year post-op and very emotional and menopausal,but you stayed by side,often taking the brunt of my sudden anger or deep depression-not once did you question your own sanity-let alone -mine!The fact we would never have kids of our own,didn't trouble you-you asked me to marry you anyway!When the adoption agency said we weren't good enough to be parents because we smoke -you wrapped those big strong arms around me and said as long as we have us we will be ok and as long as you had me as your wife ,everything else would pale in comparison.
Boo;you make me so happy and I am the luckiest woman alive;to have your love to keep me strong,your arms to keep safe and your snoring to keep me awake when the hot flushes aren'
Love you mostly most
Babe x x