I love you, but your cooking stinks

by Happycamping

Hey you,

You have done such a great job in being there and caring. But now that it's 5 weeks out, you seem to have forgotten that I have up to 150 stitches in my butt and elsewhere...
I know you appreciated my little "favors" I have given you since week 1 post-op. But you need to realize, I was whacked out on pain meds then and pretty high most of the time. All things considered, you got lucky buddy.
Now, reality has set in. The laundry is piling up and homeschooling 3 kids ***** when you take my car all the time because yours doesn't have heat. Well, I am going crazy here at the house.
I was sick with the local bug last week. SICK.
And it hurt like hell when you kept groping me hoping for more "favors". Well, I am out of pain meds so you might have to wait awhile. At least until the snow melts and things start to bloom and I maybe just until I can get to walmart BY MYSELF for once.

I have noticed your efforts at meal preparation. You seem to want a pat on the back or something.
This bugs the snot out of me.
Why can't you just go and get me a take-out order of something I like??
Maybe even think outside of the fast-food box?

I am not wigging out due to hormones. My hormones are just fine, thank you.
(kept ovaries)
But a woman can only handle 150 stitches in her bottom and insides, being stuck in the hose with 3 kids all day, day in/day out, looking out at melting snow and mud, not being able to talk to another adult except on Sunday at church, not having an appetite and then barfing for a week (I need nourishment...), then you groping me and actually getting snippy-snotty with me because you "need something" and I roll over.
Well listen buster, I am in the shape I am in because I had YOUR BIG FAT BABIES. It took 3 hours of surgery to correct the damage they did busting their way out of my bottom.
So, can you give me a freakin' BREAK?????

Can you just bring me home a nice dinner?
Can you rub my back without wanting to take off my pants?
Can I have my car back?
Can you get the kids out of the house for a few hours?
Can I get out of the house for a few hours?

I love you,