10 days to go and I am thankful

by queenbee24

I am thankful for you, my DH.

I am thankful that you talked sense into me, making me get a second opinion and knowing that this is the only road available for us to travel together.

I am thankful that you will be there to hold my hand when I have the IV put in, because I hate needles!

I am thankful that you will be there when I wake up, and to tell me everything the Dr will tell you.

I am thankful that you will help me into bed, and make fun of my catheter tube just to make me smile.

I'm thankful that you will make me get up and walk after surgery, that you will remind me about wanting to go to brunch when I may not want to walk.

I'm thankful that you are letting me hire someone to clean our home for a while, so I can rest without guilt.

I am thankful that you want to buy me comfy clothes for Christmas.

I am thankful that I will not be anything other than your wife after this surgery. I have worried so about being less of a woman to you, but I know you do not feel that way.

I'm thankful for the time I have had to cry about this entire thing, to help me get over the sense of loss, to help me know that it's all about us.

I'm thankful for your hugs, your kisses and your love.

I'm thankful for you.