To my mom, my best friend

by FireGoddess72

I remember you always being there when I was hurt or needed help. This time I needed you as an adult and it meant ever so much more to me. You gave up your life, time with dad, working, to stay with me for two weeks to help me with the kids.

Just having you near me was so calming. I didn't fear anything because you were by my side. You took such wonderful care of me. Making sure I always had something to drink, making sure that I ate even when I didn't want to, talking me through my first BM.

I cried all day when you went back home. I knew I would miss you more than anything. Even though I would see you in a few days for Thanksgiving, I still missed you terribly. I know you were afraid to leave because the kids were not helping. I know how worried you were that I would overdo it and be back in the hospital. I followed your advise, I leaned on my kids and forced them to help and they survived. I am still on them to help me more and that will not change even though I feel so much better.

We have all learned so much from your time with me. I know that I need to be firmer with my kids and have them help out more. I am not "Super Mom" nor should I feel that I have to be.

I love you so much Mom. Thank you for keeping me in a healthy frame of mind throughout everything and thank you for being the greatest mom I could have ever dreamt for.