On the Eve of Surgery

by Fairylite

My Sweet Sunshine

Tomorrow I go for my surgery to remove a part of my female self. I know I'll have one ovary to fall back on when we will have our children, but I can't deny the niggling feeling of fear I'll be less than I am to you after. Forgive my worry, I know it's not true, but when I have that time to sit while doing the pre-op flush, my mind wanders down such roads.

Anyway, thank you so much for your love & support as I go thru all that I have. I know we've been there for one another thru all the twists & turns we've been thru in our life together. THis means SO MUCH that you're with me now.

I know you'll help me as much as you can. I'm blessed to have you in so many ways. I know we're both amazed at all our friends coming out of the woodwork to help us if we but ask. What a wonderful life you have brought us to!

Thank you for all you do, all you give, and mostly for being that wonderful you that I fell in love with & continue to be in love with even now these 15 years together. You are my sunshine in dark times always.

I LOVE YOU beyond words....TRULY!!

Your goofy Wife