A Huge Thank You

by CAT32369

Words can never express how grateful I am for my husband Michael, Jr. When the question came up about my having a hysterectomy, I think it scared both of us. But, as always, he stepped up to the plate & told me not to worry about anything. He has always put me & our kids before anything, so this is like always, but alot harder. He works 8 hr. days in a warehouse for a retail auto parts dealer and his job is no where near easy. His day starts at 5 a.m. when he gets up to get ready for his long drive to work and doesn't end until he gets home at 7 p.m. Yet, he has taken on taking care of everything else since my surgery. Shopping, doing laundry & dishes, cleaning the house, taking care of our 4 children (14 yrs, 7 yrs, 6 yrs, 2 yrs), doing errands, EVERYTHING. I thank the Lord every second of everyday for him. He is my best friend and my better half. He never asks for a thing, never expects a thing. I love him beyond words and without him I would be lost. I love you with all of my heart and soul, Mikey =) From your wife, Cat