my husband, my hero

by sacha10

there are not enough words to express how i feel at this time. you have truely been the best husband ever. as i sit here reflecting on the surgury, i am in awe of your patience and understanding. you have been mommy and daddy jumping right in and doing everything. you took care of me and our sons and i can't believe your strength we have always been a team, sharing all responsiblities and you just took it all on and have never complained once. the other night i watched as you got the boys ready for bed after dinner and it was cute. i am incredably lucky to have you. you never ask when i am going to get better and you always ask if i need anything. thank you for being such a big help i accredit my recovery to your ever present help and support. you have done it all. you never asked anyone for help, you made sure i got to my doctor appointments and that the house was clean and you even got the laundry done while working full are great...i love you to the husband my hero