DS is greatest when you are SWGIA

by quilter01

SWGIA - single women going it alone.

Dearest Son

You have been such a superstar during these past few weeks in helping me out and have yet to even roll your eyes at me once.

Thank you for taking care of me even though it is not your job to do so - your restraint and compassion has shown through and I can see the adult you are to become in 6 more years.

You have shown responsiblity beyond your years, a mother can't ask for a better son. You alone have achieved what my own family was not able to do - take care of me at a time when I needed it. You've made me realize that you stand out from the crowd of those your age and that alone will take you a long way as you continue your journey to adult-hood.

Greatness comes in small ways and leadership comes to those and can't be taught - you've shown this side of you and I greatly appreciate what you have done these past few weeks -

It is time for you to go back to being a son - I am going to do my best so that you get your normal life back again.

Now - go back to your games and your friends and let me take care of you as we ease back into this normal life we once had

Love Mom