My Husband, My Lover, My BEST Friend!!!

by 1wife

Thank you!
I start this letter this way because You are being so very patient with me right now. I know that my stress level at this time is just making you stress out and you are handling it real well. We both know how I react to difficult situations and you are being so calm even though you can't understand why I feel the way I do. My main fear of this whole procedure is losing you... I will do what I have to- to make sure this don't happen. I read some of the husband letters and the problems they are facing, I don't want this for us. I hope that this procedure will "enhance" my feelings and make our love life even better than it is. And so you know, I love our love life!!!
I know tht you will be by my side during this ordeal and I appreciate you for that. I could not go through with this if you weren't with me. You are my strength, you always pull through for me when I am too weak on my own. I love you so very much and do hope you see this letter.
Your Loving Wife of 10 years,