Tam my manx


This poem is from the heart,written specially for you,
Without you through the tough times i would never have got through,
So as my debt grows to you,my love for you does too.

You didnt have to stay,but you helped me night and day,
All my troubles in youre arms,just softy melt away,
It wasn't meant to be this way,ilness ruined many of our days,
But still when no-one seemed to care,you stayed.

So as my debt keeps growing to you,my love keeps growing too,
I hope the tide will never turn and go the other way,
But if it did you can depend ill be there night and day,
No words could tell you just how much to me you really mean,
Your'e my shining light,my rainbow,the brightest star ive ever seen.

Each night before i go to sleep,i thank him up above,
For sending you to share my life,and having you to love.
Ill love you till the end of time,there's no-one else for me,
And just being there beside you,is where im glad to be.xxx