Like Barry White said: You're My First, My Last, My Everything

by Saintess

How come I didn't meet you sooner? You how I feel like I lost my time before meeting you. I was always looking down on myself. But then you taught me how to look at the blue skies...with your arm around my shoulder.
I used to feel lonely on the road of life...I thought I'd taken a wrong turn somewhere and lost myself...but then you told me we were two to be lost on this road so why not travel taught me to love that feeling of being long as I were lost with you.
I seldom talked to anyone. But when I'm with you I can never stop I'm afraid you'd disappear if I didn't think of you for a second...I who was afraid of nothing cause nothing would ever matter to me, not even life itself...You taught me to be afraid of losing you.
This is not know how I'm a total zero when it comes to writing down my feelings...but I just want you to know that you were my first, will be my last and forever my everything.
Thank You For Loving Me...Thank You For Being You...
Your SweetPie...Sandra