To my one and only

by jcfintn

To my one and only. In 11 days we will be married 11 years. You have given me 3 great kids that know the true meaning of love. They watched as you sacrificed to take complete care of me after working 12 hours, and then coming home and cleaning, cooking, and everything else that comes along with 3 kids. We were married young me 16 and you 19. No one thought it would lasts but here we are. You have taken such good care of me, and tried to understand what I was going through. By going to Dr. visits and searching on line to find ways to support me. Alot of people say they have the best hubby in the world, but I know I am the one with the best!! Even though you just say you owed me for the times I took care of you when you needed it I think it was my job. I know you were tired when you came home, but nothing I asked was too much. The concern you showed me just made crystal clear that you are the man God put on this earth for me. I just want to thank you for being there for me, and hopefully my hormones will straighten out soon. I know you will see this because you still come here for advice in the mens section. I love you Frankie. Don't ever doubt it.