My dear husband

by Kammy

Hi baby, I hope you realize how deeply I love you and our three daughters. You guys are the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I know this hyst is going to be a trying time for our relationship, but we both know it is for the best. I hope that during the course of no hormones that I don't hurt your feelings too badly or that I am too much of a raving lunatic. I do love you so much and I don't want to cause you any pain or heartache. Our relationship has grown so much over the past almost 13 years of marriage. We started out young and stupid, but we have grown to be soooo dependent on one another. I can't bare the thought of ever living without you. I also apologize for the fact that you have been gone overseas since January and now we have two good weeks together before I go down a hard path of recovery. I know you have said you will be there holding my hand through it all and god you have no idea how that pulls at my heart strings. I love you baby and I thank god everyday for the courage that day long long ago when I kicked you off of your box you were standing on at the grocery store. In that moment our lives would never be the same. Always know how much I love you and I look forward so much to the many years we have ahead of us growing old and getting wrinkly together baby. Huge hugs and kisses sweetie.