My husband who cared when no-one else did.

by Ros73

We met 4months after I had, had my hysterectomy. we were together the whole of maybe 2weeks when you took me to the hospital for my next major surgery, I thought then that we would not last. You were there for me and my sons, you worked took care of them, drove them to training and came to see me in hospital. One month from that surgery you had to take me again to the hospital for another major op. I was expecting you to walk away and leave me, and apart of me had resigned itself to that, but instead you asked me to marry you not long after I had my last op.
My family was nowhere to be seen in all these sugeries, yet you were there to hold my hand make sit when I just wanted to do things and knew that I shouldn't.
I would still be working if you had not convinced me that I should leave and take the time I needed to really mend.
we have been married 6weeks now and I still count my lucky star for having you. I can't stay depressed or moody for to long with you around, you always make me smile and remmember all the good things that have come my way.
I love you more than words can say.